Free Comic Book Day!

FCBD has been going on for a number of years to help promote comics in general, and this year is no exception.  Asylum are combining FCBD this year with holding a signing with Jim Alexander.  Jim’s a veteran of the comic industry having worked for both Marvel and DC, and is now working hard on the indie scene.  He’ll be doing a deal with his books that he’ll have with him, and I for one am looking forward to see what he’s bringing up this year.


First signings

Asylum Books and Games is my local.  It’s owner, Mike, has unprecedented comic knowledge, it’s got a great range of books, and is the only place that does signings up here in Aberdeen, and this Saturday see’s the return of Kathryn Briggs.

I first met Kathryn two years ago at a convention in Dundee.  I’m not a big art buff; I’m more concerned with the writing and how the art helps support it, but Kathryn’s art is stunning.  If you’re in the area, I highly suggest you come along and visit.  Signings at Asylum are always free.

You can get more details here at the events FB page, at
And if you need to see an example of Kathryn’s art…


Breakout Titles

A little misleading, but I want to have at least some content on this page.  But I’m also on holiday and so will cheat a little.

First up is a student documentary of some of what happens up here.  There’s an interview with Mike from Asylum (the assistant manager Vesper can be heard in the background), as well as a tour round the shop, a small tour around Plan 9 as well, and a chat with Marie from Devolution Comics.

Secondly, there should be a signing soon at Asylum, and now there’s a new stand for local and indie press comics.

Comic Scene in Aberdeen

Aberdeen, in the North East of Scotland, is far away from the central belt of Edinburgh and Glasgow, which are both more well-known in regards to the entertainment industry. Dundee is a hub for comic production, with it’s comic literature courses at the university.

But here in Aberdeen, it’s a little more independent up here.  We’ve got two fantastic independent comic shops, two small-press publishers, and just had the second year of a local comic convention, with another convention happening just 15 miles away.

So this site, is an excuse to showcase Aberdeen in regards to the comic industry that’s happening here, as well as to try to help promote local film productions and such (and for me to learn WordPress).